The return of Daisey

In his most recent e-mail newsletter, Mike Daisey, who was recently profiled in the New York Times, dropped a little nugget of information:

Writes Daisey: “If you’re reading this in the Bay Area, be advised that I’ll be performing GREAT MEN OF GENIUS, my 4-part monologue about megalomania and insanity in the lives of Bertolt Brecht, P.T. Barnum, Nikola Tesla, and L. Ron Hubbard at Berkeley Rep this June. Watch for details soon!”

Daisey, you may remember, has been at Berkeley Rep with previous shows, “21 Dog Years: Doing Time @” and “The Ugly American.”

Visit his Web site here.

One thought on “The return of Daisey

  1. I’ve known Mike Daisey since college, and he’s just getting better and better! I’m thrilled at his success — and even more thrilled that he’ll be back at Berkeley Rep in June. Awesome!

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