Palo Alto Weekly reviews

Leo Bloom (Tim Reynolds) and Ulla (Brittany Ogle) in Foothill Music Theatre’s The Producers. Photo by David Allen

These aren’t appearing here in a timely fashion, but they’re here, just for the record.

This summer I did a couple of reviews for the Palo Alto Weekly.

I saw Foothill Music Theatre’s production of The Producers, which was exciting because opening night got stopped by the police — literally. That was a first in a lifetime of theatergoing.

Read the review here.

I also saw Dragon Theatre’s A Girl’s Guide to Chaos.

Read the review here.

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  2. Glad you are up and running again. Miss this production. I had an fall down accident just two days prior and just could not get into a car and drive down. The heat in Ashland for one week help my pains but I am up and ready to go back to the theatre.

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