`Beach Blanket’ awards scholarships

Last week, Jo Schuman Silver, producer of Steve Silver’s Beach Blanket Babylon, awarded the annual Scholarships for the Arts from the Steve Silver Foundation and Beach Blanket Babylon, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this season.

From nine high school senior finalists — three in each category of dance, acting and voice — three were selected as recipients of a $10,000 scholarship toward their college education.

The winners:

Dance: Jessica Lester from American High School in Fremont performing “Hernando’s Hideaway” from The Pajama Game.

Acting: Patrick Varner from Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa performing a monologue from Edward Albee’s The Goat or Who Is Sylvia?

Voice: Nikola Prinz from Novato High School in Novato performing “My Man’s Gone Now” from Porgy and Bess.

Visit the Beach Blanket Babylon site for more information.

Beach Blanket Babylon is currently in the midst of an anniversary celebration that involves 35 special performances, each with a new musical number as well as a special tribute to creator Steve Silver.

Visit www.beachblanketbabylon.com for information.

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