Craig Jessup meets Noel Coward redux

Craig Jessup Sings Noel Coward 2Last week I interviewed Craig Jessup for the San Francisco Chronicle about his series of Craig Jessup Sings Noël Coward concerts at the Exit Theatre.

For whatever reason, the story failed to make it into last Sunday’s Pink section along with all of the other coverage of Coward’s surprisingly busy 110th birthday celebration.

The Chronicle did post my interview with Jessup online here.

Here’s the dish on Jessup’s remaining performances: Craig Jessup Sings Noël Coward is at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 8, and Sunday, April 12, at the Eureka Theatre, 215 Jackson St., San Francisco. Call (415) 255-8207 or visit

One thought on “Craig Jessup meets Noel Coward redux

  1. There is no doubt it Craig Jessup takes on the role of Noel and he is Noel Coward. I remember meeting him several times when I work down in lalaland. He was urbane and one of the most drollest persons I have ever met. At one party down south, he entertained us all night long playing the host piano. I also remember his Las Vegas triumph where he wowed the gambling crowd at Vegas. One great man and Craig did him proud.

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