Spencer Day finds `A Better Way’

Bay Area singer/songwriter Spencer Day is preparing his latest album, Vagabond, for release in the very near future. But until then, and inspired by the election fray, he is offering a sneak peek at the album with the free downloadable song “A Better Way” on his Web site:

It’s a great song — very upbeat and non-cynical — and truly an anthem for our times without being preachy or, with its comforting strings and sassy jazz violin, even anthemic in sound. I can absolutely see Oprah inviting Spencer onto her show to lighten the country’s dismal mood and inspire a little hope with this tune.

Here’s my favorite lyric from the chorus:

This is a time for an evolution
This is a time for a compromise
I know it hurts to grow
But the status quo
Oh you know it all comes with a price

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