More Oregon Shakespeare Fest reviews

Vasantasenā (Miriam A. Laube) paints a portrait of her lover, Chārudatta (Cristofer Jean) in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival production of The Clay Cart. Photo by David Cooper.

Here’s the link to the last batch of reviews I wrote of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Ore., for the the San Francisco Chronicle.
Click here.

And may I just say how fun it is to control the Little Man?

2 thoughts on “More Oregon Shakespeare Fest reviews

  1. Your right “The Clay Cart” was pretty to look at however I just thought it was just too long. The ending went on and on and on. It could have been cut to two hours. Miriam A Laube was not only excellent but sexy as the couresan Vasantasena.

    Michael J Hume looked silly as a Brahmin and I really got tired of Brent Hinkley overacting as Samsthanaka. It was nice to see local actor Anil Margsahayam as a OSF regular. Anil played in several productions at 42nd Street Moon and Theatre Works for the past two years.

    Good to see Cristofer Jean as Charudatta back on the OSF stage. He has a great theatrical voice. I am still waiting for the folks back east to put up my review.

  2. I enjoyed it and found the play stunningly wonderful. Will come back for more

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