Totally `Wicked,’ dude!

Our world is turning green and pink again. Those wildly wonderful and wicked women are coming back.

SHN/Best of Broadway has announced that the mega-hit musical Wicked is returning to San Francisco, the city where the show was born in 2003. Can you believe it was five years ago already? We saw Wicked again — with all of its Broadway revisions (including the excision of that horrible song “Which Way’s the Party?”) intact — in 2005.

And now it’s hauling a load of flying monkeys, wizards, dragons, broomsticks, Munchkins up from Los Angeles to the Orpheum Theatre sometime in late January of 2009. There’s no closing date, so Wicked could be here for a good, long time.

Sure the show will be casting its usual spell, but no word on the actual casting of the roles, nor on when tickets might be going on sale.

Visit for information.

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