Kids are coming

Hot on the heels of their recent Bay Area appearance as honorees at the San Francisco SketchFest, Canada’s squirrelly boys of comedy, The Kids in the Hall, have announced a new tour, and there will be a local stop. According to the preliminary schedule it’s May 10 at the “War Memorial,” which either means the Herbst Theatre (small, intimate) or the Opera House (huge, impersonal).

Here’s from the press release:
The 2008 tour, titled “Live As We’ll Ever Be”, represents a new era in the troupe’s collaboration, and is comprised of completely fresh material which simultaneously reflects who they are now and their patently off-kilter take on ordinary life. Favorite characters from the television series appear in entirely new situations, sharing the stage with new KITH personas which are destined for the same level of cult adoration. In a world where most entertainment tries to play it safe, “The Kids in the Hall” steadfastly refuse to follow the trend, preferring instead to slaughter sacred cows and look at the world – and each other – with refreshing honesty.

Join The Kathies, Headcrusher, the Sales Guys, Buddy Cole and people you’ve never met before (but somehow recognize from your everyday life) on an adventure into the bizarre and side-splittingly funny.

Here’s where the information comes from:

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