Curse like Mamet

For a third time, American Conservatory Theater is asking us to think and write like David Mamet. Hot @#*$in’ dog.

In conjunction with its upcoming production of Mamet’s Hollywood-lambasting play Speed-the-Plow, ACT is now accepting short play submissions in the unique style of Mamet, which is to say, lots of short, spiky sentences, and lots of foul language.

Ten winning scripts will be selected by a panel of judges including ACT associate artistic director Pink Pasdar and dramaturg Michael Paller.

Says Pasdar: “The contest is a great way for new and experienced playwrights to introduce themselves to us by emulating the style of one of America’s wittiest and most distinctive writers.”

ACT’s graduating class of MFA program students will present the winning pieces in public readings in Fred’s Columbia Room at the American Conservatory Theater on Jan. 25 and 26. The public is invited to attend, but reservations are recommended. Call 415-439-2446.

As for enterting the contest, the rules are simple. Submissions may be no more than three pages, include no more than four characters and fit within one of three categories: rewwrite a classic film scene a la Mamet; a scene depicting a Mamet character rexperiencing a “Hollywood” moment; or Mamet characters placed in an iconic film moment (think Ricky Roma from Glengarry Glen Ross as Jerry Maguire).

Deadline for all submissions is Jan. 11 and winners will be announced Jan. 16. Prizes include ACT theater tickets, dinners in fine restaurants and, of course, the chance to have your play performed.

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  1. What a fun contest. But what excites me is this new look for Theater Dogs. I love it! The banner goes nicely with your eyes; the red curtain, classic and evocative of some exciting nights at the theater, in fact, the page simply looks fresher than before.

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