Shakespearean insults

A friend sent along a link to a hilarious (and useful) “kit” for creating and hurling Shakespearean insults.

Check it out here. The creators are to be congratulated for fine scholarship and heck of a fun online toy.

Here are some results we’ve been enjoying in the office:

You, sir, are a “pribbling, milk-livered scut.”

You, madam, are a “wimpled, whoreson Basket-Cockle.”

You, Mr. Editor, are a “craven, hasty-witted bugbear.”

You, Mr. President, are an “unmuzzled, scurvy-valiant wagdog.”

You can also get an official insult hurled at you from Shakespeare himself here.

I just got: “I find the ass in compound with the major part of your syllables.” (from Coriolanus )

One thought on “Shakespearean insults

  1. At the last Cal Shakes production I attended, I bought a mug of Shakespearean insults as a gift for my ex-husband (to humor him, not to insult him).

    Some include:

    mountain of mad-flesh

    lump of foul deformity

    quintessence of dust

    Column three of your linked-list would make for some fine sobriquets, I think. Someone I know refers to children as ‘darlings;’ however, her tone quite says the opposite. She might as well call them pignuts or wagtails.

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