MTV `Blonde’ in October

Apparently the leap from the Broadway stage to television takes a little longer than previously thought.

If you planned this weekend around multiple screenings of Legally Blonde, the Musical on MTV, you’re going to have to find other ways to amuse yourself.

The MTV broadcast of Legally Blonde, the Musical will not screen until Oct. 13

But the delay means we get a bonus program: a behind-the scenes look at the musical and all the craziness that goes on backstage at the Palace Theatre.

The musical, which was filmed three times, including on Sept. 18 with an orchestra section full of people in pink, will be preceded by a “Pink Carpet extravaganza.” Omigod, you guys!

Just in case the broadcast gets delayed again, you might want to check in at or

One thought on “MTV `Blonde’ in October

  1. Thanks so much for the update! I thought something was wrong with my cable box – kept checking the listings on MTV for this Saturday and couldn’t find LB anywhere. Thanks for clearing that up!

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