Pranking a `Dream’

Pranks are all well and good…as long as you’re not the vicitm.

Pgranstgroup seems to be a group that pulls elaborate pranks and, in true 21st-century fashion, posts them online for all to see.

They came to my attention because their pranks occasionally involve…wait for it…musical theater.

Who doesn’t love a prank with original songs?

Here’s something Prangstgrup calls “Reading a Dream.” Thanks to JD for the link.

Hmmm. The word “pitchy” comes to mind.
Oh, yes, they have more, including a lecture musical. For more videos visit

2 thoughts on “Pranking a `Dream’

  1. Already ensorcelled by my midnight wafer of Ambien, this video reminder of how wonderful it was (is) to be a goofy college kid sends me spinning off to sleep with echoes of off-tune lullabies.

  2. Why am i crying and laughing at the same time?! Watching the reactions of others in the library was a study in itself. One of the girls was truly enjoying the performance while a guy was fighting a gag reflex! lol

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