`Q’ Bloggers: Christmas Eve

While the fleshy and fuzzy folks who live on Avenue Q are in town, they’re dropping by Theater Dogs this week to blog a little about being in the Bay Area.

Today we hear from Christmas Eve, who, with her fiance Brian, is one of three humans who live with fuzzy men, strippers and monsters on Avenue Q. In the song “It Sucks to Be Me,” Christmas Eve says: “I coming to this country for opportunities. Tly to work in Korean deli, but I am Japanese. But with hard work I earn two masters degrees in social work and now I a therapist but I have no crients and I have an unemproyed fiance and we have rots of bills to pay! It suck to be me. It suck to be me. I say it sukka-sukka-sukka-sukka-sukka-sukka-sukka-sukka-sukka-sukka-sukka-sukka-suck, it suck to be me!”

“Me and Brian go to Cobb’s Comedy Club with friends on Avenue Q today. Those comedian people not very nice. They make fun of Trekkie Monster because he so much hairy. So Trekkie Monster go home — I hope he go home clean house — but he more likely go home and double click his mouse.

Brian get very mad because Kate Monster embarrass because she hairy too. So Brian say, “I way funnier than you people.” So, they ask Brian to come to the up stage. So, Brian go and he try to tell octopus joke but he get nervous and he screws up just the same as always. That joke no funny anyway. I have better joke:

There is a mama bird and a baby bird and mama bird say to baby bird, “Eat worms and you will grow to big size like mama bird and fly to the sky.” So then baby bird eat the worms and grow everyday but the baby bird like to eat too many worms and so he become fat and lazy. And then, one day, mama bird say to baby bird, “Time to fly to the sky.” And then the baby bird say, “Okay dokay.” And he try to fly. But he too fat and lazy so he fall to the ground. And then he die.

That joke funny. Maybe next time I go to Cobb’s, I tell this joke.

On the Avenue Q tour, Christmas Eve is played by Angela Ai with a twinkle in her eye.

For information about Avenue Q, which continues through Sept. 2 at San Francisco’s Orpheum Theatre, visit www.shnsf.com.

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