`Q’ BLOGGERS: Trekkie Monster

This week on Theater Dogs, we’re joined by guest bloggers from the puppet and human cast of Avenue Q at San Francisco’s Orpheum Theatre.

Please welcome today’s blogger, Trekkie Monster, a resident of Avenue Q who spends a great deal of time surfing the Internet (for porn) and enjoying all (the porn) it has to offer. Mr. Monster is also a noted philanthropist. (And if you’ve never heard his voice, think Cookie Monster from “Sesame Street.”)

“Hello there, Trekkie Monster here. Me here in San Francisco with me show Avenue Q. The first thing me like about San Francisco is me walk to work. Me find me favorite kind of clubs lining Market St. Me think it called ‘Market St.’ because there seem to be plenty of juicy meat for me to buy on Market St. There is Man Meat, Lady Meat (me favorite) and ever fascinating Lady/Man Meat, though me not so sure how me feel about that kind. Anyway, me also happy to see lot of massage parlors. You know, in every massage parlor there is different story, but one thing they all have in common is Happy Ending. It always brings tear of joy to me eye. Me have a few other things me want to do while me here. Me understand that there is Hustler cub in North Beach and that Lucy the Slut is moonlighting there so me want to catch her act. Also me curious about these ‘Twin Peaks’ me keep hearing about. Me a breast monster and these things sound HUGE!! But most of all me think me just stay in me hotel room and check out local porn sights. Ok, me have to do me wrist exercises now. Bye, Bye.”

(In the Avenue Q tour, Trekkie Monster is enlivened in hilarious ways by puppeteer Christian Anderson.)

To see Trekkie Monster in person, you’ll find Avenue Q information here.

2 thoughts on “`Q’ BLOGGERS: Trekkie Monster

  1. Man, Tekkie Monster knows all the hot spots on Market St. And he’s right, the Twin Peaks ARE huge! (I would know!)

  2. oops! I meant : TREKKIE Monster. (I made a type-o) No disrespect Trekkie. That’s what happens when I blog and talk on the phone at the same time. I’m not as gifted as you with a mouse.

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