Viva, viva, Las Vegaaaaaaas!

Theater Dogs is off to the desert.

I’ll be in Las Vegas for a week with the American Theatre Critics Association conference seeing all the shows (Spamalot, Phantom and all the Cirque du Soleils).

If the opportunities arise, I’ll blog from Sin City, but check back in about a week for a full report on the Las Veags experience.

In the meantime, enjoy this little treasure from “The Merv Griffin Show.”

2 thoughts on “Viva, viva, Las Vegaaaaaaas!

  1. Would you look for my camera while you’re there? It’s a Casio EX-S500 with 5.0 mega pixels. It’s sleek, silver and full of pictures of what happened in Vegas (which will stay in Vegas if not found). Feel free to browse the 165 pictures of our family vacation. You’ll see Emily grimacing in front of the Grand Canyon, Andrew’s shots of red Ferraris and a questionable photo of Mike and a mimosa. The camera was last seen in a white taxi mini-van where a driver named Oojam manuevered traffic to get us to LAS just in time for our flight. I appreciate anything you can do, Chad. Thanks.

  2. And how can I forget the most incriminating photo of all: Miss Green M&M on the street in white go-go boots
    soliciting herself to children!

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