Mamma Meryl and more!

So many interesting tidbits floating around the theater world this week.

First off, they’re actually going to make a movie of Mamma Mia!, which seems logical because the show has made a gazillion dollars around the world and shows no signs of slowing down. And who doesn’t want to rock around the movie theater to groovy ABBA tunes. But has anyone considered that the show, enjoyable as it is, might be a tad, I don’t know, slight?

And Meryl Streep is set to star as the owner of an inn on a Greek island whose past — in the form of her soon-to-be-wed daughter and three men who may be the daughter’s father. Streep and slight don’t mix.

I’m not complaining. I’m a big fan of Ms. Streep’s singing, so bring on Meryl Streep, dancing queen. One of her co-stars, by the way, is Pierce Brosnan.

In other news, 17-year-old Daniel Radcliffe has apparently successfully broken out of his Harry Potter bondage. The enterprising actor, who has grown up as the lead in the Harry Potter movies, proved that he has more than a wand to offer the world when he took to the London stage in Peter Shaffer’s Equus.

Amid all the kerfuffle about Radcliffe’s lengthy nude scene, news of his being a remarkably good actor has sort of gotten lost. But we may get to judge for ourselves. There’s all sorts of buzz out there about the production, which also stars Richard Griffiths (muggle Uncle Vernon in the Potter movies) and Jenny Agutter (who was also in the 1977 Equus movie), coming to Broadway in 2008.

Producer David Pugh told that he “hopes the show will reach Broadway next year.”

Musical sequels traditionally haven’t fared too well: Bring Back Birdie and Annie Warbucks, both flops, spring to mind.

Undaunted, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, writing on his blog (he has a blog? get out!), says: “I am considering writing a sequel to Phantom of the Opera based on an idea presented to me over a decade ago.”

Oh, joy. Let’s start preparing ourselves for more music of the night.

And finally, what would a theater news roundup be without mention of Xanadu: The Musical? Kerry Butler, the appealing actress who starred as Penny in Hairspray on Broadway and in the Magic Theatre’s musical version of The Opposite of Sex in San Francisco (pictured at left, Butler with David Burtka), will play Kira (the role played by Olivia Newton-John in the 1980 movie).

Xanadu begins previews in May and opens June 26.

14 thoughts on “Mamma Meryl and more!


  2. i think that daniel has to do what the next step to be as an actor but he is so fine if only that was me

  3. Dan is definately growing…
    I have to say i’ve lost my attrction to him but i’m still in love with Harry.
    I’m almost done with the 7th book!!
    I cried so hard when Dobby died!!!


  4. I just hate to see someone I admire has no feeling of shame being naked in front of people. It’s like, he has becoming a porn star.. worth of nothing.

  5. he’s good looking, but my perception on harry potter has been like, tainted!!! i just can’t see him as anything else BUT harry potter!!!

  6. Its very strange seeing this photo of Dan, most of us have seen him grow
    up threw Harry Potter so its kinda like seeing your little brother kiss a girl
    ya know its odd. Dont get me wrong im just as in love with harry potter as much as
    the next girl but im not about to say im in love with Daniel. I love his charactor not him.

  7. I HATE what Daniel has done. I thought that he great for an actor ever since I saw harry potter, but he is so dumb.

  8. daniel radcliff is growing up, yeah every body knows that but why did he do that he
    didn’t need it well i just can’t get why he said that because he didn’t want to be recognized
    as harry potter every where he went i’m not mad neighter jelous but hes just so cute to be
    doing those kind of movies well all i’m saying is that he did that for nothing every body
    keeps seeing him as HARRY POTTER

  9. I too do not like looking at naked pictures of Dan. He will always be Harry Potter to me, no matter how many times he is naked on stage. I know he is trying to get away from the Harry Potter image,
    maybe it was too soon for me, he is not finished with Harry yet. Afterall he has 2 more movies to go. I saw the pictures at the same time the last book came out, and I have to admit I did not like having
    to see or think of him in that way.

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