Legally Sedaris?

I’ve been reading Amy Sedaris’ I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence, her hilarious guide to home entertaining, and that started me thinking.

I adore Amy Sedaris (and I hear her recent appearance at San Francisco’s City Arts & Lectures was a hoot) and crave her kooky sense of humor. I’ve memorized the entire “Strangers with Candy” series (and though I liked the movie, I prefer the TV show). My TiVo captures Amy’s every appearance on Letterman, and her recent apperances on Martha Stewart’s talk show (they made a Lady Baltimore cake from a recipe in Amy’s book) and on “The Colbert Report” where she tumbled with Colbert and Paul Dinello were priceless (check out the tumbling video here).

So what’s next for the beautiful and talented Ms. Sedaris? Well, Legally Blonde: The Musical is coming to SF in January before heading to New York. Wouldn’t it be inspired casting to put Amy Sedaris in the Jennifer Coolidge role of hairdresser Paulette Bonafante?

Last I heard, the role hadn’t been cast, and Coolidge probably doesn’t want to do it, so why not let the brilliant Amy Sedaris make the role her own? Not sure, though if Amy’s talents tend toward singing.

Frankly, this woman can do anything. She’s done plenty of theater. It’s time for her to embrace her inner show queen.

One thought on “Legally Sedaris?

  1. I just spent my gift certificate on this book and “Wigfield.” That Colbert clip is hilarious! When I went to school, tumbling meant a series of forward and backward rolls. We never got to wear sparkly green leotards either.

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