Gilligan sings!

From the “now we’ve heard everything” file.
Apparently there’s a Gilligan’s Island musical, and it’s being done by the Actors Theatre Center in Santa Clara (through Nov. 4).

The book is by series creators Sherwood and Lloyd Schwartz, and the score (which includes “The Ballad of Gilligan”) is by Sherwood’s daughter Hope Juper and her husband Laurence Juper.

The Jupers plan to come see the show Oct. 27 and to a talkback with the audience.

Says artistic director Jeff Hicks: ‘Hope and her husband, Laurence, wrote the music and lyrics for our show, so the fact that she wants to come see it — and has even offered to do a talkback with the audience and cast after the show — well, that’s just frosting on the cake.’

Gilligan’s Island: The Musical is at Mission City Center for the Performing Arts in Santa Clara. Find ticket information:here or call (408) 985-5500.

4 thoughts on “Gilligan sings!

  1. Now hear this…
    Skipper here to let you know that the announcement that the composer will attending on October 27th is not exactly correct…
    The Jubers will there on Opening Night October 20th not October 27th…
    That’s tonight…!
    All hands on deck…!
    GILLIGAN !!!

  2. I understand Mr Howell has a song lyric:

    Someone in my family
    Once voted Democratic.
    He won’t make that mistake again
    We locked him in the attic!

  3. it will not be as good as the shows
    you made Gilligan fatter than he is, Mr. Howell almost always wears a hat Mrs Howell is prettier, Ginger has red hair, Mary Ann’s shirts are shorter, the Professor is older, the skipper has red hair, and Ginger has a mole on her left cheek!!!!!!!!!!

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