Oh, Marty!

I wasn’t sure I was going to write about this. I thought perhaps it was too self-aggrandizing.
But this is the blogosphere, right? Anything goes.

So let me tell you about the best thing that happened to me this summer: getting my name dropped by Matt Lauer and Martin Short on the Today show at the end of July.

Short was on plugging his new Broadway show, Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me, which, as you all know, had its world premiere in San Francisco.

You can watch the clip here. My part comes in at around 1:50 in case you want to fast forward (you folks on Apples probably won’t be able to view the clip – sorry).

In case you don’t want to (or can’t) watch the clip, here’s a transcript:

Matt Lauer: Can I brag on you a little bit? You’ve been doing the show in other cities, and the reviews have been fantastic. Of course these are the reviews that you’ve handed me…

Martin Short: …And changed.

Matt Lauer: Yeah, exactly. [reading] “Martin Short’s new Broadway-bound show is goofy, silly, crass and crude. In other words, it is comedy heaven.” We just want to give a shout out to the writer, Chad Jones of the Oakland Tribune for that one.

Martin Short: I love Chad!

The bit goes on, but after that, who needs to hear the rest of it?

One of the great things to come out of the experience was that a nice man from Holland-America cruises saw the show and contacted me about lecturing on cruise ships. So if any of your are cruising to Hawaii in February, guess who will be on board talking about the current Broadway season, movie musicals since 1980 (viva Grease 2!) and other theatrical topics?

Ahoy and aloha.

5 thoughts on “Oh, Marty!

  1. Love is in the air…..
    I hadn’t heard about this development (due to your anti-self-aggrandizing, I’m sure). Wow. Congratulations, Chad Jones. I wish I could be on that Hawaiian-destined cruise to hear you lecture. Listening is my favorite.

  2. Congratulations Chad. You MUST toot your horn when it is something as big as this. Would love to accompany you on your trip.

  3. OMG! That is so cool! Listen, uh, if you have any leftover cruises lying around, lemme know. Although I suppose a PhD’s boring ass lecture on King Lear isn’t precisely what they had in mind . . . 😉 You rock!

  4. You are the best thing to ever happen to Martin. Self-aggrandize away, and we’ll see you on the Hawaiian cruise.

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