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Last week, the theater Web sites ran the announcement that one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Patty Griffin,

Patty Griffin
will premeire a musical next spring at the Atlantic Theater Company. The musical, still untitled, is about a couple named Duane and Molly, who are taking a roadtrip from Florida to New York in a beat-up old Chevy truck.

Griffin, whose songs have been recorded by the Dixie Chicks, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris and Bette Midler among others, is an incredible storyteller. My guess is that her musical won’t be of the traditional Broadway variety, but it will be deeply felt and rooted in folk rock.

If you haven’t been properly introduced to Griffin, I recommend you listen to the following masterful examples of storytelling in song:

    “Let Him Fly” from “Living with Ghosts”
    “Mary” and “Tony” from “Flaming Red”
    “Making Pies” and “Chief” from “1000 Kisses”
    “Mother of God” and “When It Don’t Come Easy” from “Impossible Dream”

Griffin’s official Web site just got a spiffy make-over. Check it out, and keep your eye on Broadway.

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  1. I love Patty Griffin (thanks to a certain someone for introducing me to her). This is great news and I now have something to look forward to!

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