Heading into an extraordinary Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole
In the Palo Alto Players production of Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire, Becca (Shannon Warrick)
and Howie (Earle Carlson) look for comfort after the unimaginable. Photo courtesy of Palo Alto Players

Last weekend I made like Alice in Wonderland and headed into a rabbit hole. While Alice ended up traumatized by a heartless queen, a funky tea party and a disturbing cat, my rabbit hole had a pedigree &#8212 a Pulitzer Prize for drama to be more precise.

David Lindsay-Abaire’s Rabbit Hole is an extraordinary play because it takes what could be a movie-of-the-week topic, which is the grief and mourning after the accidental death of a young child, and turns into a deeply felt, emotionally honest account of what it means to be a human being amid other complex human beings.

I reviewed the Palo Alto Players production, beautifully directed by Marilyn Langbhen, for the Palo Alto Weekly.

Read the review here.

Palo Alto Weekly reviews

Leo Bloom (Tim Reynolds) and Ulla (Brittany Ogle) in Foothill Music Theatre’s The Producers. Photo by David Allen

These aren’t appearing here in a timely fashion, but they’re here, just for the record.

This summer I did a couple of reviews for the Palo Alto Weekly.

I saw Foothill Music Theatre’s production of The Producers, which was exciting because opening night got stopped by the police — literally. That was a first in a lifetime of theatergoing.

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I also saw Dragon Theatre’s A Girl’s Guide to Chaos.

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