Oh do do the Xanadu that you do so well

Dec 12

Oh do do the <i>Xanadu</i> that you do so well

When I called playwright Douglas Carter Beane to interview him for a San Francisco Chronicle story on Xanadu: The Musical at the New Conservatory Theatre Center, he happened to be taking a break from rehearsals for his latest Broadway show, Lysistrata Jones. That musical, a hip, funny adaptation of the Aristophanes classic, happens to rehearse in the same building as the Foxwoods Theatre, home to Broadway's notorious web slinger, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

With his ear pressed to his cell phone, Beane surveyed the crowded sidewalk and quipped. "I hope people don't think I'm buying tickets."

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Theater review: `Some Men’

Jun 07

The cast of Terrence McNally’s Some Men includes (from left) Brandon Finch, P.A Cooley, George Patrick Scott, Scott Cox, Dann Howard, Christopher Morrell, Patrick Michael Dukeman, and Matthew Vierling. This scene from the New Conservatory Theatre Center production takes place in a piano bar adjacent to the Stonewall riots. Photos by Lois Tema From...

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Terrence McNally, catch him if you can

Jun 04

I wrote a feature on New Conservatory Theatre Center’s Some Men by Terrence McNally for today’s San Francisco Chronicle. You can read it here. Here are a few pieces of my interview with Mr. McNally that didn’t make it into the newspaper. In addition to Some Men opening this week at the NCTC, McNally has a few other irons in the fire: Last...

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Theater review: `Act a Lady’

Apr 16

Benjamin Pither (left), Glenn Kiser (center) and Harry Breaux are Midwestern men recruited to play French ladies in a late ’20s pageant in Jordan Harrison’s intriguing Act a Lady at the New Conservatory Theatre Center. Photos by Lois Tema Men in the `Act’ are once, twice, three times a `Lady’««« A frustrated, god-fearing woman huffs...

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Review: `Zanna, Don’t!’

Dec 15

Football star Steve (Stephen Foreman, left) meets the fabulously gay student body of Heartsville High in the musical Zanna, Don’t at the New Conservatory Theatre Center. Photos by Lois Tema Magic, show tunes, teenagers whip up mighty spell in `Zanna’««« ½ Clever, colorful, tuneful and sweet – that’s Zanna, Don’t! in a...

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Review: 2boys.tv’s `Zona’

Aug 14

Stephen Lawson, half of the Canadian duo 2boys.tv, performs in Zona at the New Conservatory Theatre Center   Candian duo drags out, lip synchs through twilight `Zona’«««  Aaron Pollard and Stephen Lawson, who perform under the rubric 2boys.tv are campy performance artists. They take the art of lip synching out of the gay bar and put it into a...

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