Clybourne Park is amazing. But this is not a review.

Jan 27

<i>Clybourne Park</i> is amazing. But this is not a review.

Because I interviewed playwright Bruce Norris for the San Francisco Chronicle (read the interview here), I will not be reviewing his Clybourne Park at American Conservatory Theater.

Mr. Norris requests that journalists who interview him not review his work. I'm happy to respect that request, but know that it will be extremely difficult not to tell you how extraordinary this play is or that it's the first absolutely-must-see show of 2011.

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No tune like a show tune

Mar 01

Omoze Idehenre and Manoel Felciano in American Conservatory Theater’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle. Photo by Kevin Berne Theater is musical even when it’s not necessarily musical theater. At the very least, you’re likely to hear music in the lobby before and after the show or at intermission. People sing on stage, even in plays, and what’s a...

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Theater review: `At Home at the Zoo’

Jun 11

Opened June 10, 2990 at American Conservatory Theater René Augesen is Ann and Anthony Fusco is Peter in the “Homelife” half of Edward Albee’s At Home at the Zoo, the final show of the American Conservatory Theater season. Photos by Human beasts, growl, purr, bark in Albee’s revised `Home/Zoo’«««« (four stars...

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Broadway by the Bay’s musical man

Apr 01

As someone who has loved musicals since his formative years, Jim Gardia is certainly in the right business. And to think, he could have ended up as a swim coach. In college, Gardia, who was a competitive swimmer, was seriously considering a career as a swim coach. “But theater pulled me harder,” he says. For six years he worked with Los Angeles’...

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Review: “Rock ‘n’ Roll”

Sep 18

Opened Sept. 17, 2008   Rene Augesen is Esme and Manoel Felciano is Jan in a scene set at Prague’s John Lennon wall in the American Conservatory Theater production of Rock ‘n’ Roll by Tom Stoppard. Photos by Kevin Berne   ACT gives Stoppard’s heavy `Rock’ a mighty roll«««1/2 Rock ‘n’ Roll has a beat – a...

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Manoel Felciano aims to make Stoppard `Rock’

Sep 12

Manoel Felciano stars in the ACT production of Tom Stoppard’s Rock ‘n’ Roll. Photo by Ashley Forette Photography Manoel Felciano, a San Francisco native, had to play Broadway before he could make his hometown professional stage debut. He’s starring in American Conservatory Theater’s season-opening production of the Tom Stoppard drama...

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