Theater review: `American Hwangap’

Apr 12

Opened April 12, 2009, Magic Theatre   Ryun Yu as David, a New York investment banker, talks on the phone with his sister, Esther played by Angela Yin in the Magic Theatre’s world-premiere production of Lloyd Suh’s American Hwangap. Photos by Mind the `Hwangap’: Laughs, pain fill Magic’s family drama««« ½ To see...

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Review: `Evie’s Waltz’

Nov 17

EXTENDED THROUGH DEC. 21! The cast of the Magic Theatre’s Evie’s Waltz includes, from left, Marielle Heller, Darren Bridgett and Julia Brothers. The Carter W. Lewis play continues through Dec. 7. Photos by   Tension mounts in Lewis’ modern `Waltz’««« ½   Carter W. Lewis’ Evie’s Waltz, now at San...

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Review: `Radio Golf’

Oct 15

Aldo Billingslea (left) is Harmond Wilks, C. Kelly Wright (center) is Harmond’s wife, Mame, and Anthony J. Haney is Harmond’s business partner, Roosevelt Hicks, in August Wilson’s Radio Golf at TheatreWorks in Mountain View. Photos by Mark Kitacka.   Superb cast tunes up Wilson’s `Radio’ at TheatreWorks««« ½   Even the...

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Review: `The Government Inspector’

Mar 27

Opened March 26, 2008 at American Conservatory Theater The town’s mayor (Graham Beckel, seated) succumbs to a sneezing fit while accepting the congratulations of the town council (from left: Delia MacDougall, Andrew Hurteau, Dan Hiatt, and Rod Gnapp) on the engagement of his daughter to Khlestakov. Photos by Kevin Berne Fantastic cast makes Gogol’s...

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