Idina Menzel wants your video

Tony Award-winning singer/actress Idina Menzel once was Wicked.

Now she’s going viral.

Menzel, who is on a concert tour promoting her most recent solo album, “I Stand,” received a fan video as a birthday present inspired by the title song from her new album.

Now Menzel has her own channel on YouTube:

And there’s a site on Facebook as well:

She’s asking fans to submit their own videos declaring what they stand for. So far on the channel there are five videos. Maybe you should submit one.

Menzel’s concert tour pulls into San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts Theatre Aug. 14. Visit for information.

One thought on “Idina Menzel wants your video

  1. Thank you so much for featuring this. I actually edited it together and it’s amazing the way it’s taken off. The video was made only as a small way to recognize Idina on her birthday and there were no expectations of any kind to it.

    Please check out the IdinaMenzelFans channel on youtube as well. it’s a place where fans can send us their own video messages for Idina and we upload them for her to see.

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