In the process: Open rehearsal

A quick note to alert Bay Area folks about an interesting opportunity coming right up.

On Friday, April 18 and Saturday April 19, Campo Santo is opening up its rehearsal process to give audiences a peek into Bay Area playwright Philip Kan Gotanda’s new play, #5 The Angry Red Drum at Intersection for the Arts.

This is part of Campo Santo/Intersection’s Open Rehearsal and Open Process Series exploration. Presented in collaboration with the Asian American Theater Company, Gotanda’s play is set in an apocalyptic world and addresses the effects of war on our psyches and culture.

This is a rare chance to see some fantastic Campo Santo folks in the throes of their creativep rocess: movement direction by Erika Chong Shuch, live music score from Dwayne Calizo and featuring Samantha Chanse, Daveed Diggs, Randy Nakano, Donald Lacy and Danny Wolohan.

Make reservations at or call 415-626-3311 for information.

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