6 thoughts on “`Sweeney Todd’ movie trailer

  1. I appreciate your theatrical critique of the cinema. A good movie is visual and audioal. A great movie embraces the ethereal senses as well. Granted, a movie seldom achieves the depth of a live production, but sometimes the elements of the stage make the flat-screen more dimensional. If a theater dog likes it, it’s a great one. I’m really hoping you like this one.

  2. I am beyond excited about this movie! Has anyone done “Into the Woods” as a movie??
    I think I’d die if they did 🙂

  3. I am leaving a comment on your page because you told me to. Also, I am uber excited for this movie. Johnny Depp is my hero. And Chad Jones is my mentor who emotionally abuses me.

  4. If Chad Jones is your mentor who emotionally abuses you, then you should come up with a proper Shakespearean insulting nickname for him. I think it’s only appropriate.

  5. Hey, I’m pyched about this movie! Burton hasn’t done anything creepy-ish since Sleepy Hollow and Johnny looks kinds hot all crazy and white streaked. ^_^

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