Sing out, Harry!

This was inevitable. Harry Potter, the boy wizard who turned the world on with his wand, is going to be a musical, at least according to the Sunday Mirror in the United Kingdom.

Casting agents have been told to start looking for a young lad to play Potter in an all-singing, all-dancing version of J.K. Rowling’s magic at Hogwarts. Producers are already working on script ideas and hope to bring the musical to London’s West End next year.

A “theater insider” was quoted as saying: “The plan is for spectacular flying scenes, live Quidditch and big showdowns with Voldemort.”

After the middling success of the musical Lord of the Rings (some would call it an outright failure — at least in Canada, the London production is still hobbitting along), producers would be wise to try not cramming one musical full of too many books (the musical Lestat also comes to mind, which tried to jam three books into one godawful musical).

3 thoughts on “Sing out, Harry!

  1. I’m just wild about Harry…and the thought of him breaking out in song is just too delicious. Rock on, Wand Man…

  2. At first glance this sounds like a crazy idea, but count me as one inveterate theatre-goer wwho who saw Lord Of The Rings twice, and Lestat on Bdwy, and enjoyed both. If the show starts selling tickets in the West End, I’ll be on the next plane.

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