A happy ending

Two more letters to the editor in the San Francisco Chronicle have brought to a close a nasty little chapter in the otherwise chipper history of the musical Jersey Boys.

As you may recall (see below if you don’t), co-writer Marshall Brickman sent a missive after becoming angered by something director Des McAnuff said in an interview about how he helped structure the book for the show.

McAnuff took the high road in his response (read the whole thing here). He wrote:

While a significant contribution was made to the structure and style of “Jersey Boys,” I do not, and have never, claimed credit for a single word.

And he added some make-nice humor:

Marshall and I are just like brothers; when we fight, we go for each other’s throats. I look forward to many more long dinners, laced with Marshall’s lightning wit, well into our dotage.

Right after McAnuff’s letter is another letter from Brickman.

Here’s a conciliatory Brickman:

As a humorist, I reserve my right to use hyperbole to make my points; but occasionally, as our brilliant (yes, it’s true) director has recently pointed out, damage can be done where none was really intended.

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