Requisite ‘Grease’ post

As per last week, if you want to know what happened on TV’s Broadwayest “reality” show, check in with our friend Seth Rudetsky at here. Mr. Rudetsky’s blend of Broadway theater know-how and intense sarcasm is irresistible.

This week was all about the Dannys. Apparently they had to take improv classes, learn to box, swim and get some intensive Shakespeare training — to audition for the role of Danny Zukow. I guess I didn’t realize the character had the breadth and depth of an Arthur Miller character.

Chad was told he needed to project, so he took the Shakespeare course, prompting Mr. Rudetsky to write:

…it’s a known prerequisite. There’s an old theatre adage, “Knowest Stratford-on-Avon before thou attends Rydell High.” We all remember John Travolta’s turn as Lear before he filmed the movie.

That’s so much better than actually watching the show, on which apparently Allie Schulz(left) — aka “Baby Sand” (this is the sound of me gagging) was eliminated. It seems to be raining on prom night and her Broadway dreams.

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