The ‘Grease’ curse

As if that terrible TV show “Grease: You’re the One That I Want” wasn’t enough to prove that the musical Grease has run out of gas, check out this story from Holland.

During a production of Grease, the two stars — Danny and Sandy (right) — were in a stage car (presumably during the drive-in scene), when their little car (made out of convertible chassis and a golf cart engine) went out of control and drove over the edge of the stage into the orchestra pit

Jim Bokkum, playing Danny, was “driving” and suffered a concussion. His co-star, Bettina Holwerda, was able to jump out of the car before it went over the edge, but there was some speculation that she may have broken her arm. No musicians were injured.

Lesson learned. We’re going to stop doing Grease before someone ends up rammalammalammaed, kedinkeekadinkydonked, shoobobshoowaddawaddaed, oopedeeboopdebooped. I mean, come on.

One thought on “The ‘Grease’ curse

  1. I’m sure as long as the Wheels of Commerce are “Greased” this show will never die even though the actors might. That damn Karaoke ain’t helping.

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