With the merging of ANG Newspapers, the Contra Costa Times and the San Jose Mercury News, I’ve taken on a position as interim assistant features editor. This means I’ll be reviewing fewer shows in the newspaper. Those duties will fall more to my colleagues Pat Craig and Karen D’Souza.

I will continue reviewing shows on the Stage page and here on Theatre Dogs. I’ll also be doing more show commentary in my Jones for Theater column.

I’ve been reviewing shows here in the Bay Area for about 14 years now, and frankly, I don’t want to give it up. I love theater here, and I’ll continue to write about it.

Wanted to share this little piece of doggerel that I have hanging above my computer at home.
It’s by E.B. White, and it was printed in the New Yorker lo, these many years ago


The critic leaves at curtain fall
To find, in starting to review it,
He scarcely saw the play at all
For watching his reaction to it.

2 thoughts on “Critic

  1. Dear Mr. Dogs,
    Love the blog of course. I’ll miss you in reality but will read you virtual reality. As a teacher who just finished reading Charlotte’s Web to a class of 21 rapt second graders, what better quote to follow your E. B. White one than the following exchange between Charlotte and Wilbur:

    “But, Charlotte,” said Wilbur, “I’m not terrific.”
    “That doesn’t make a particle of difference,” replied Charlotte. “Not a particle. People believe almost anything they see in print.”

    Keep up the wonderful work Chad!

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