High School Musical 3: Senior moments

Oct 29

Perhaps it’s a sign that I’m old and have bad taste, but Disney’s High School Musical 3: Senior Year kept reminding of my favorite bad movie musical of all time: Grease 2. You’ve got a story that goes nowhere, a primary romantic couple that hits a few road blocks but ends up together, a cap-tossing graduation scene and the must unrealistic...

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Arielle Jacobs: From Half Moon Bay to `High School Musical’

Apr 11

Arielle Jacobs is Gabriella Montez and John Jeffrey Martin is Troy Bolton in the touring production of Disney’s High School Musical coming to San Francisco’s Orpheum Theatre. Photo Credit: Joan Marcus Growing up in Half Moon Bay, Arielle Jacobs wanted to be a pop singer – the next Mariah or Whitney. She’s not there yet, but she did manage to...

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You can’t stop the beat!

Apr 03

Brooklynn Pulver (above center) is Tracy Turnblad in the touring production of Hairspray. Photo by Phil Martin Last summer, it was yet another musical breathing new life into the revival of movie musicals. This summer, it’s an actual, three-dimensional live musical happening before your very eyes. Hairspray, one of the happiest musicals around, is returning to...

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‘High School Musical’ coming to SF

Dec 04

Let the squealing begin. Disney’s tween entertainment behemoth High School Musical has just been announced as a “special spring engagement” in SHN’s Best of Broadway season in San Francisco. HSM, as the kids call it, has already been two phenomenally successful made-for-TV musicals on the Disney Channel, a string of best-selling soundtrack,...

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Ice, ice, baby

Oct 19

Admit it. You’re wondering what it was like. Cheesy? Silly? Stultifying? Genius? Yes, yes, not so much and no. We’re talking, of course, about Disney’s High School Musical: The Ice Tour, which opened Thursday at the Oracle Arena in Oakland and then heads to San Jose’s HP Pavilion. The easy answer is High School Musical, the phenomenally successful Disney...

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`Hairspray’ clips

Jun 28

Excitement is mounting for the movie version of Hairspray, which opens July 20. I know several people who have seen early screenings of the movie and they LOVE it, so push all thoughts of lousy Broadway-to-movie musicals aside (hit the skids Rent, back to the basement Phantom, off to summer stock Producers). First up is a clip of Zac Efron as Link Larkin singing a...

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