Theater moments: Reflections on 2007

Jan 02

I’ve already offered up my Top 10 list of 2007’s best Bay Area theater (see it here). That’s all well and good, but there was way too much good stuff in 2007 to contain in a polite numbered list. What follows, in no apparent order, are some of the year’s most distinctive theater moments (mostly good, some not so much). The shows in the Top 10...

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Williford aims to triumph in `Love’

Aug 10

Talk to enough actors and you’ll begin to see a trend emerge. Most of them had a transformative experience as children acting in one particular show. Any guesses? If you said The Wizard of Oz, you get a gold star _ or maybe a yellow-brick star. Jud Williford, one of the Bay Area’s best and brightest emerging stars, played the Tin Man in what he calls...

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Review: “American $uicide”

Feb 16

(opened Feb. 12, 2007) Jackson, actors commit American $uicide at Thick House three stars Zesty satire If “American Idol” ended each episode with a bullet instead of wild applause, some of us might stop watching. And some of us might start. We love our reality TV in this country, and, truth be told, we love our violence. So far, the two haven’t...

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