Nostalgic for The Homecoming at a different home

Mar 14

Nostalgic for <i>The Homecoming</i> at a different home

The absolute power of live theater, when it's done superbly well, is undeniable. The connection the playwright, the director, the actors and designers forge with the audience – and vice-versa – can be incredibly powerful.

That's a wonderful thing and leave a lasting impression. Sometimes, perhaps, too lasting.

Last week I saw Carey Perloff's production of Harold Pinter's The Homecoming for American Conservatory Theater. It's a bizarre, tormentingly fascinating play by a master playwright at the height of his game-playing dramatic powers. And though the production is fine, all I could think about was the Aurora Theatre Company production staged by Tom Ross at the Berkeley City Club in April of 2000.

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Oh, Brothers — an ode to Julia Brothers

Feb 01

  Julia Brothers floors ‘em in Joel Drake Johnson’s The First Grade at Berkeley’s Aurora Theatre Company. Rebecca Schweitzer is in the background. Photo by David Allen   The Bay Area is blessed with an abundance of theatrical talent. Spend any time at all in local theaters, and that becomes clear pretty quickly. What’s even better is...

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Aurora announces 18th season

Apr 01

Aurora Theatre Company artistic director Tom Ross announced today his Berkeley company’s 18th season, which stems from the theme “Family and Fortune.” In addition to classics and newer works, the season includes a world premiere by Joel Drake Johnson (pictured at right). The season opens in August with Clifford Odets’ 1935 Awake and Sing,...

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In a downsizing world, Aurora Theatre Co. expands!

Dec 18

At this bleak moment in history, when it seems the roof is crashing down on arts organizations all around us, it’s refreshing to hear about on theater company literally knocking down a wall and expanding. Berkeley’s Aurora Theatre Company, a 17-year-old troupe known for its intimate, highly literate productions, has announced plans to expand its...

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Review: `The Best Man’

Sep 05

The cast of the Aurora Theatre Company’s The Best Man by Gore Vidal includes (from left) Tim Kniffen, Deb Fink, Charles Shaw Robinson, Michael Patrick Gaffney, and Michael Cassidy. Photos by David Allen   Vidal’s `Best Man’ wins at Aurora (three ½ stars) Just in case you haven’t already had it up to here with presidential politics, you...

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Review: Aurora’s “The Birthday Party”

Feb 02

(opened Feb. 1, 2007) Actors sizzle, plot fizzles in Aurora’s `Birthday Party’ two and 1/2 stars A well-made muddle There’s an old saw about a tree falling in the woods, and if there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a noise — you know the one. Well, what happens when a play falls into a pit of murky inscrutability and there are...

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