Disney’s Lion King roaring back to San Francisco

May 19

Disney’s <i>Lion King</i> roaring back to San Francisco

p>According to the Wall Street Journal, the King really is the King of Broadway.

News came down last month that Disney's The Lion King is now Broadway's all-time highest grossing show. It's a title the regal hit stole from The Phantom of the Opera. The cumulative gross is staggering: $853,846,062 and counting.

Timing of the news couldn't have come at a better time. Lion King's Tony Award-winning director, Julie Taymor, happened to be in town with producer and president of Disney Theatrical Productions President, Thomas Schumacher. They were with a small group at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville to promote the return of The Lion King to San Francisco this November as part of the SHN season at the Orpheum Theatre.

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Tom Schumacher: From Broadway to bookseller

Feb 13

In his highly enjoyable book How Does the Show Go On? An Introduction to the Theater (Disney Editions, $19.95), Thomas Schumacher recounts, in no particular order, all the jobs he’s had in his life, from childhood in San Mateo to the top of the heap as president of Disney Theatrical Productions. The list is as follows: “shoe salesman, costume dyer, actor,...

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Stage presents: A theater gift guide

Dec 06

So many fine gift ideas, so little space. Let’s get started with some great theater books. In the realm of books about theater, this year’s standout comes from San Mateo native Thomas Schumacher, who also happens to be the president of Disney Theatrical, the producer of such hits as The Lion King and Mary Poppins. Schumacher’s How Does the Show Go...

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More with Thomas Schumacher

Jun 07

Earlier this week I wrote a feature story about Disney Theatrical Productions president (and San Mateo native) Thomas Schumacher. You can read the story here. For the blog, I wanted to take you behind the scenes a little bit because this was a hugely enjoyable story to work on. First of all, I got to see the two Disney Broadway shows I hadn’t yet seen, Tarzan and...

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