Theater by the Bay: Best of 2008

Dec 23

Theatergoing in the San Francisco Bay Area is one of life’s treats. No question about it. If you love theater, this is a wonderland. In this devastating economic climate, may that only hold true for the next couple of years. There is so much good theater here, so many incredible actors, writers, directors and crafts people that an annual Top 10 is often...

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Review: `The America Play’

Dec 05

Rhonnie Washington (left) is The Foundling Father, an Abraham Lincoln lookalike, who lets customers (such as David Westley Skillman) take aim and fire a cap gun at him in Suzan-Lori Parks’ The America Play, part of Thick Description’s 20th anniversary season. Photos by Rick Martin.   Thick Description revives `America’««««   Echoes,...

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Gabe Marin exorcises Aurora’s devilish `Disciple’

Oct 30

One of the great things about Bay Area theater is watching local actors grow into greatness. They may or may not strike off to find fortune and fame in New York or Los Angeles, or they may choose to stay here and continue doing as much good work as they can. The Aurora Theatre Company’s next show, George Bernard Shaw’s The Devil’s Disciple, is...

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Review: `A Boy and His Soul’

Sep 07

Colman Domingo revisits his West Philadelphia, soul music-infused childhood in the solo show A Boy and His Soul at San Francisco’s Thick House. Photos by Rick Martin. Domingo’s soulful `Boy’ better than ever at Thick House (four stars) Marcel Proust had his madeleienes. Colman Domingo has his ’70s soul music. The needle touches down on the...

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Colman Domingo moves from`Strange’ to `Soul’

Sep 02

You know you’ve achieved a certain level of success when you’re on line, waiting to get into an exclusive magazine party, and Spike Lee sticks his head out the door, sees you waiting and immediately says, “Get him in here.” That’s what life is like these days for Colman Domingo, one of those Bay Area success stories: young actor moves...

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Eugenie Chan spins into Avant GardARAMA!

Jul 17

Four years ago, Cutting Ball Theater continued its search for the edge that cuts with the first Avant GardARAMA!, a festival of short, experimental plays. The quest for cutting-edge theater never ends, so Cutting Ball is reviving the festival, which opens Friday, July 18 and continues through Aug. 16 at the EXIT on Taylor. The roster of playwrights includes some...

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