The bliss that is Audra McDonald

Jun 02

Audra McDonald is just so darn normal – not that outrageous beauty and talent are normal. But the point is, she could be a raging diva if she so chose. And maybe she is offstage (though I doubt it), but onstage, she’s funny, self-deprecating and comfortable, just as you’d expect of a girl from Fresno. McDonald was back in the Bay Area Sunday afternoon...

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Stage presents: A theater gift guide

Dec 06

So many fine gift ideas, so little space. Let’s get started with some great theater books. In the realm of books about theater, this year’s standout comes from San Mateo native Thomas Schumacher, who also happens to be the president of Disney Theatrical, the producer of such hits as The Lion King and Mary Poppins. Schumacher’s How Does the Show Go...

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From `Piazza’ to cabaret

Sep 27

Dean Martin can be heard crooning in the background as Christine Andreas scurries around her kitchen, the phone tucked between shoulder and ear, as she conducts an interview and prepares for a party she’s throwing her son in a few hours. “My son turns 20 in a few days, and when you’re special, you get lots of birthday parties,” Andreas says,...

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