ACT’s Metaphor: a bright balloon that pops

Mar 07

ACT’s <i>Metaphor</i>: a bright balloon that pops

It seems there are two plays battling it out in American Conservatory Theater's world premiere of Dead Metaphor by Canadian plawyright George F. Walker. Three of the characters are broadly comic – one foot in the real world, the other in a dark comedy of extremes. And the other three characters are just plain folks, getting by as best they can with anger, fear and desperation causing storms on a daily basis.

Both of those plays are pretty interesting, at least in Act 1. The comedy is especially biting as the three exaggerations – a politician running for reelection (the marvelous René Augesen getting to show of a real flair for biting comedy), her increasingly agitated husband (a grimly funny Anthony FuscoTom Bloom) acting erratically because of fatal tumor bearing down on his brain.

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Theater review: `War Music’

Apr 02

Opened April 1 at American Conservatory Theater Soldiers rock out with their “guns” out in American Conservatory Theater’s War Music, a world premiere adaptation written and directed Lillian Groag. Photos by Kevin Berne.   Not much music, not much war in ACT’s academic `War Music’«« American Conservatory Theater’s...

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Countdown to ACT’s `Carol’

Dec 11

James Carpenter (center) is Scrooge in American Conservatory Theater’s annual production of A Christmas Carol. Photo by Kevin Berne American Conservatory Theater’s annual production of A Christmas Carol is in full swing in downtown San Francisco. Rather than reviewing this holiday perennial, let’s just hit some of the major points. Herewith, in...

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Review: `’Tis Pity She’s a Whore’

Jun 12

Opened June 11, 2008 at American Conservatory Theater   Michael Hayden and René Augesen play a brother and sister with more than familial affection for one another in ACT’s production of ”Tis Pity She’s a Whore.‘ Photos by Kevin Berne ACT slices into harsh, bloody revenge play«« ½ ‘Tis pity it’s so harsh You don’t...

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Review: `The Government Inspector’

Mar 27

Opened March 26, 2008 at American Conservatory Theater The town’s mayor (Graham Beckel, seated) succumbs to a sneezing fit while accepting the congratulations of the town council (from left: Delia MacDougall, Andrew Hurteau, Dan Hiatt, and Rod Gnapp) on the engagement of his daughter to Khlestakov. Photos by Kevin Berne Fantastic cast makes Gogol’s...

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Review: “Hedda Gabler”

Feb 14

(opened Feb. 14, 2007) ACT’s hip, sassy `Hedda’ starts strong, fades quickly two stars Too cute ‘n’ casual Theater, or so they say, is all about the communal experience. We breathe the same air as the actors and we commune with our fellow audience members. On the way out of the theater after American Conservatory Theater’s Hedda Gabler...

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