Ray of Light’s Party is wild and winsome

May 26

Ray of Light’s <i>Party</i> is wild and winsome

San Francisco has known its share of wild parties, but the particular bit of revelry now happening at the Victoria Theatre under the auspices of Ray of Light theatre is of particular interest. Once again, this enterprising company ignites the local musical theater scene with remarkable energy and talent, and their production of The Wild Party imbues a flawed show with undeniable passion and pizazz.

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Sweet transvestite! Ray of Light rocks Rocky Horror

Oct 29

Sweet transvestite! Ray of Light rocks <i>Rocky Horror</i>

Any prospect of a live Rocky Horror Show makes us shiver with antici................pation, And the good news is this Rocky is a rollicking ride through one of the most beloved cult musicals of all time.

Jason Hoover, Ray of Light's artistic director, is at the helm of this full-scale production, which Ray of Light last produced in 2008 when Hoover...

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Gently with a chainsaw: Heathers really sings

May 23

Gently with a chainsaw: <i>Heathers</i> really sings

Funnier and feistier than the movie on which it’s based, Heathers: The Musical is an exceedingly successful screen-to-stage adaptation, and San Francisco’s Ray of Light Theatre is just about the perfect company to produce it.

Heathers, which features a score and book by Laurence O’Keefe (of Bat Boy and Legally Blonde fame) and Kevin Murphy, (Reefer Madness, “Desperate Housewives”), is dark and damaged in all the right ways. But the musical amps up the fun factor with the ideal amount of camp. It winks and nods to the 1989 movie but...

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Well I’ll be dipped in pig’s blood — Carrie lives

Oct 06

Well I’ll be dipped in pig’s blood — <i>Carrie</i> lives

The bucket of pig's blood is to Carrie the Musical what the chandelier is to The Phantom of the Opera -- you just know both of those suckers are coming down. In fact, Carrie and Phantom have more than falling props in common. They're both essentially horror stories adapted for the musical stage in which the central character is a misunderstood, sensitive soul who gets bullied to the point of horrific violence. The difference is that one has an upper berth on the "most successful musicals of all tiem" express train, and one is a flattened penny on the track underneath that train.

If you've heard of Carrie the Musical it's probably in the context of "musical disasters" or "Broadway's biggest flops."

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Life is hell for Jerry Springer and Judas Iscariot

Oct 01

Life is hell for <i>Jerry Springer</i> and <i>Judas Iscariot</i>

There are some wonderfully theatrical theological discussions going on around town these days. At the Victoria Theatre in the Mission, outlandish talk show host Jerry Springer is facilitating a conflict resolution session between Satan and Jesus in Ray of Light Theatre’s Jerry Springer the Opera. And the Custom Made Theatre Company is delving deep into notions of Judeo-Christian forgiveness and despair in Stephen Adly Guirgis’ The Last Days of Judas Iscariot. Satan and Jesus make appearances in this show, too.

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`Rocky Horror’ time warps again, Living Word lives, Mickey skates

Oct 17

It’s a Bay Area autumn weekend. The weather is gorgeous and you should be out in the world enjoying various entertainments. And entertainments are never more varied than they are in the Bay Area. HORRORS! IT’S ROCKY! Just in time for revving up Halloween spirits, Ray of Light Theatre opens The Rocky Horror Show tonight (Friday, Oct. 17) at the Victoria...

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