Cinematic theatrics: A LaGravenese musical?

May 26

This holiday weekend I saw some movies on the big screen (Indiana Jones and the blah blah Crystal Skull – exactly what you think it would be, enjoyable but nothing more; Iron Man, which made me love Robert Downey Jr. all over again – oddly more human than Indiana Jones) and at home. One of the movies I watched at home was P.S. I Love You, a movie I had avoided...

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Katie Holmes is actually a live actor!

May 24

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images / Jan. 9, 2008 It’s true! Katie Holmes isn’t just a pretty, skinny Victoria Beckham-wannabe clothes horse; nor is she simply a trophy wife capable of possibly giving birth to her movie star husband’s adorable progeny. No, it turns out that Katie Holmes is actually a three-dimensional acting person. How do we know...

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You can’t stop the beat!

Apr 03

Brooklynn Pulver (above center) is Tracy Turnblad in the touring production of Hairspray. Photo by Phil Martin Last summer, it was yet another musical breathing new life into the revival of movie musicals. This summer, it’s an actual, three-dimensional live musical happening before your very eyes. Hairspray, one of the happiest musicals around, is returning to...

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K-K-K-Katie Holmes on Broadway, `Tales’ in tune

Mar 31

Yes, Katie Holmes, late of Dawson’s Creek, she of the couch-jumping husband, the ever-changing cute hairdos and the impossibly adorable Suri parentage, is being rumored to be heading to Broadway for a revival of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons starring John Lithgow and Dianne Weist. Ms. Holmes must have had a conversation with Jennifer Garner, who had such a...

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A very diva weekend with Jennifer & Latifah

Nov 26

This weekend just past in San Francisco was a good one for those of us who savor larger-than-life lady singers. On Saturday, Jennifer Holliday, the Tony Award-winning original Effie Melody White in Dreamgirls, made a rare concert appearance in San Francisco. The Herbst Theatre was jam packed with Holliday lovers, though the show started out on shaky ground. The band...

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