Short sweet frolic on the PlayGround

May 14

Short sweet frolic on the PlayGround

In the spirit of PlayGround's annual 10-minute play festival, I'm going to attempt to write a 10-minute review.

The time is 10:40am. Start the clock.

The joy of a short play festival is the utter diversity in style, tone and voice. You can have what amounts to a sketch comedy bumping up against muscular drama, an intriguing fragment or a surprising burst of poetry. All of that happens and more in Best of Playground 15: A Festival of New Writers & New Plays at the Thick House. The seven plays presented represent the cream of the PlayGround playwriting process, which runs from October through March. A pool of 36 writers is given a topic and then asked to write a 10-minute play on a chosen theme. The best of those plays are given staged readings, and then the best of that bunch makes it to this festival.

Of the seven shows now on display, I can tell you my three clear favorites.

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Glitter and be Shanghai gay!

Feb 08

EXTENDED THROUGH AUG. 1! Above: Kara Emry and William McMichael get Shanghaied in Pearls Over Shanghai. Below: Eric Wertz and Steven Satyricon dream of “un bel di.”Photos by David Wilson Mash up Beach Blanket Babylon with Miss Saigon, throw in every bad Oriental exotica movie ever made, season with Ziggy Stardust and The Rocky Horror Show then sprinkle...

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Review: `Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party’

Dec 14

The cast of Aaron Loeb’s Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party performs an elaborate opening number in the SF Playhouse world-premiere production. Photos by Zabrina Tipton.   History, politics, utter zaniness collide in Honest Abe’s `Dance Party’««« ½ Aaron Loeb’s world-premiere play Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party...

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Playing with `Dolls’

May 12

Michael Phillis is one of those young actors who makes you excited you took a chance and saw a young actor. His debut solo show, D*FACE, at the New Conservatory Theatre Center could have been just another autobiographical solo show/therapy session. But Phillis proved himself to be an engaging performer and intelligent writer. Exiting the theater you made a mental...

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