Show tunes! `Young Frankenstein,’ `Xanadu’

Feb 28

Am I getting old and cranky or are show tunes getting crappy? Probably a little of both, and I should say very quickly that there’s plenty of new show music that is thrilling, moving, funny, etc. But I’ve been listening to the cast albums for Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein and the against-all-odds hit stage adaptation of Xanadu. And I really dislike...

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Broadway back on daytime

Sep 19

Rosie O’Donnell has indeed brought Broadway back to daytime. Last week on The View, she interviewed Georgia Engel and unleashed Tony-winners Bob Martin (who should win awards as the most endearing man in a sweater ever on Broadway) and Beth Leavel, who sang a belt-’til-they-applaud version of “Stumble Along,” her ode to drunkenness as...

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