Heading into an extraordinary Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole
In the Palo Alto Players production of Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire, Becca (Shannon Warrick)
and Howie (Earle Carlson) look for comfort after the unimaginable. Photo courtesy of Palo Alto Players

Last weekend I made like Alice in Wonderland and headed into a rabbit hole. While Alice ended up traumatized by a heartless queen, a funky tea party and a disturbing cat, my rabbit hole had a pedigree &#8212 a Pulitzer Prize for drama to be more precise.

David Lindsay-Abaire’s Rabbit Hole is an extraordinary play because it takes what could be a movie-of-the-week topic, which is the grief and mourning after the accidental death of a young child, and turns into a deeply felt, emotionally honest account of what it means to be a human being amid other complex human beings.

I reviewed the Palo Alto Players production, beautifully directed by Marilyn Langbhen, for the Palo Alto Weekly.

Read the review here.