Undine undone or finding fabulous in Fabulation

Mar 20

Undine undone or finding fabulous in <i>Fabulation</i>

Though unplanned, we have something of a Lynn Nottage festival happening in the Bay Area right now.

Berkeley Rep is showing Nottage's most serious side with her Pulitzer Prize-winning drama Ruined, a tale of hope amid brutality, and the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre showcases a more lighthearted (though not exactly comic) side of Nottage with Fabulation, the story of a modern woman's relationship to her roots.

The really good news here is the story of the Lorraine Hansberry itself. After losing both of its founders last year – the subsequent deaths of Stanley Williams and Quentin Easter is still difficult to fathom – the Hansberry could have foundered and disappeared. That would have meant a huge loss to Bay Area theater. How would you compensate for the loss of one of the nation's most prominent African-American theater companies as it's just about to celebrate its 30th anniversary? You couldn't. And thankfully, we don't have to.

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Delighted by `Ruined,’ Nottage nabs Pulitzer

Apr 21

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn Nottage. Photo by the LA Times Lynn Nottage’s play Ruined, inspired by Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children, won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for drama. The play, about a Congolese brothel run by a woman named Mama Nadi, is about a country torn apart by civil war and about a woman who is either protecting women or...

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Theater review: `The Story’

Apr 14

The cast of SF Playhouse’s taut drama The Story includes, from left, Craig Marker, Ryan Peters, Kathryn Tkel and Halili Knox. Photos by Zabrina Tipton   Racial politics, lies, ambition and the rest of `The Story’«««« Writing about race it’s hard to do more than signify: this person is this color, therefore he or she must feel this way....

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Holidays on edge: Alternatives to `Carol’

Dec 08

“God bless us, everyone!” doesn’t warm the cockles of every holiday heart. Traditional holiday theatrical fare is great, but sometimes you need an alternative. Thankfully, here in the Bay Area, we can do holiday entertainment with edge. Here’s a handy guide to some Carol alternatives (not that there’s anything wrong with A Christmas...

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Lorraine Hansberry finds holiday home

Aug 21

News from the the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre, the Bay Area’s premiere African-American theater company that has been left homeless by the Academy of Art University’s virtual takeover of the city. LHT has found at least a temporary solution to its housing crisis and will is partner with Pacific Gas and Electric Company to present two plays in its...

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Lorraine Hansberry forges on

Jun 07

San Francisco Chronicle theater writer Robert Hurwitt has an excellent story in today’s paper about the ongoing struggles of the Lorraine Hansberry Theatre, the Bay Area’s 27-year-old African-American theater company.(Read the story here.) The short version is that Stanley Williams and Quentin Easter, who run the company, were ousted from their downtown...

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