A Magic proposal (in verse no less!)

Nov 30

A Magic proposal (in verse no less!)

This is one of the best stories to come out of a theater in many a moon.

Last week, after a performance of Liz Duffy Adams' Or, actress Maggie Mason was proposed to by her longtime boyfriend Matt Trainer. Maggie's co-stars, Natacha Roi and Ben Huber beat a hasty retreat after the curtain call and left Maggie alone on stage to be serenaded by Matt in verse he had written for the occasion.

Just watch the video and try not to tear up.

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It’s a farce Or, a hysterical – er – historical drama

Nov 11

It’s a farce <i>Or,</i> a hysterical – er – historical drama

With a wink and a nod to Shakespeare, playwright Liz Duffy Adams explains the title of her play Or, in a spiffily rhymed prologue. It's about love or lust. Danger or delight. Gay or straight. In other words, anything and everything is on the table for 90 minutes of theatrical enjoyment.

Adams, the linguistically inventive author of Dog Act, an award-winning hit for Shotgun Players in 2004, is once again indulging her love of language in Or, now having its West Coast premiere at the Magic Theatre directed by artistic director Loretta Greco. She dives into the wordplay of 17th-century England and splashes around happily.

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Review: `The Listener’

Jul 15

Opened July 14, 2008 at Traveling Jewish Theater (show moves to the Ashby Stage Aug. 15-31)   Juliet Tanner plays the title character in The Listener, a world-premiere play by Liz Duffy Adams and presented by Crowded Fire Theater Company. Photos by Melpomene Katakalos   `Listener’ spins junk into a sci-fi jumble«« ½ Liz Duffy Adams’...

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