Grace, God and family in Berkeley Rep’s brilliant Bible

Oct 13

Grace, God and family in Berkeley Rep’s brilliant <i>Bible</i>

Sometimes you experience a work of art – for me that art is usually theater – and it connects you with something bigger and more powerful than your individual experience. You connect with the other audience members, the actors, the designers and, especially, the writer. When that connection is made, the communal heart of theater is so alive, so vast and so inexplicably moving that transcendence does, however temporary, seem a viable option.

Bill Cain’s How to Write a New Book for the Bible is one of those experiences. This world-premiere production at Berkeley Repertory Theatre (a co-production with Seattle Repertory Theatre is the most moving and insightful new play since Margaret Edson’s Wit.

This is an extraordinary play, and it will affect everyone differently.

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