Taylor Hicks gets `Grease’-y

May 17

News from the Rialto: “American Idol” winner (Season 5) Taylor Hicks is going to fly onto Broadway as Teen Angel in the revival of Grease (you know, the one you didn’t want but came with a reality TV show anyway). Hicks, who will be making his Broadway debut (alert the Tony Award nominating committee), is following in the footsteps of other...

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Review: `The Color Purple’

Oct 13

Opened Oct. 12, 2007 at the Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco Purple musical finally finds its voice Three stars: Lumpy, ultimately beautiful bundle Those first few moments of the overture are crushing as you think, “Hey, I came here for The Color Purple, not for `Rejected Themes from `The Love Boat.’ ” In theory, the notion of turning Alice...

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Color her proud: Oakland’s LaToya London stars in `Purple’

Oct 04

When she was born in San Francisco and raised in Oakland, she was called LaToya London, the name the country got to know when she emerged as someone to watch on Season 3 of “American Idol.” But these days, the “LaToya” is history and the “London” is preferred. “I love the name I was born with, but as an artist, I prefer to...

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