Odds are in favor of SF Playhouse’s 77%

Nov 08

Odds are in favor of SF Playhouse’s <i>77%</i>

The title of Rinne Groff's new play 77% may seem cold and statistical, but it's actually wonderfully charming. You have to see the play to get it, but here's something to know: if you can achieve that percentage with a romantic partner of some kind, you're doing a really good job.

A play about marriage, among other things, 77% receives its world premiere as part of San Francisco Playhouse's Sandbox Series for new plays. It's a remarkable play, in part, because it seems so unremarkable.

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Building a `Little House’ on Broadway?

Aug 12

Melissa Gilbert stars as Ma in the Guthrie Theatre’s world-premiere musical adaptation of Little House on the Prairie. Photo by Michal Daniel First a series of beloved, ever-popular books, then a long-running TV series that eventually outgrew the books and created a world of its own. And now a…musical! Of course Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on...

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Review: `Cabaret’

Jul 11

Continues through Sept. 20 at SF Playhouse Lauren English dons a brunette bob wig as Sally Bowles singing the title song in the SF Playhouse production of Kander and Ebb’s Cabaret. Photos by Zabrina Tipton Intimate theater puts new spin on an old musical chum««« Bay Area audiences have had plenty of opportunities to come to the Cabaret. The Kander and...

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Dog Bytes: `Follies,’ `Blood Mirage,’ Aurora Borealis

Apr 29

As ever, so many interesting things going on in Bay Area theater: - The Oakland East Bay Symphony is gearing up for a glittery concert production of Follies, May 16 and 18 at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. The cast includes Val Diamond (Beach Blanket Babylon), Sharon McNight, Rita Moreno, Clark Sterling and the Berkeley Broadway Singers (among others). You...

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Little stage on the prairie

Mar 06

I was in the lobby at SF Playhouse for an opening a couple weeks ago, and while milling through the crowd, I heard a voice that zinged me straight back to childhood. There I was, 8 years old, glued to the television while Ma, Pa, Mary and Laura (aka Half-Pint) attempted to make a life for themselves in a little house on the prairie. The voice in the lobby belonged to...

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