Jennifer Holliday: Happy at last

Nov 20

For Jennifer Holliday, the original Effie White in Broadway’s Dreamgirls, life has had its share of nightmare moments. Only 19 when the tumultuous Dreamgirls development process began, and 21 when the show opened in 1981, Holliday became an instant Broadway legend as soon as audiences heard her sing the show’s standout anthem, “And I Am Telling You...

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Go, Jennifer! Go, Jennifer!

Jun 27

It ahd to happen: the battle of the Dreamgirls JHs — Jennifer Holliday (Broadway’s original Effie) and Jennifer Hudson (Hollywood’s Oscar-winning Effie). It’s from the BET Awards earlier this...

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Let the sun shine

May 22

With all this talk about the Summer of Love – it was 40 years ago, in case you hadn’t noticed – I’ve been thinking about the musical Hair, which, not so coincidentally, is also celebrating its 40th birthday this year (as am I, but why dwell on such a depressing statistic). “The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical,” as it was known, is a distinct product of...

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Oscar, You’re the One That I want

Feb 26

The Academy Awards came and went without making much impression. Ellen DeGeneres was fun, just as you’d expect. The nicest surprise to me was the best foreign film winner, The Lives of Others. Fantastic movie. Deserves every prize there is. Enjoyed watching best supporting actress winner Jennifer Hudson wipe the floor with Miss Beyonce during the Dreamgirls best...

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In the `Dreamgirls’ groove

Nov 21

As I understand it, my responsibility as a blogger is that elusive thing called BUZZ. That said, let me buzz a little about Dreamgirls, which I saw last week after spending much of the year in jittery anticipation of its arrival. First off, I love that the movie is dedicated to the memory of Michael Bennett, the director and co-producer/co-choreographer of the...

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Dreamy ‘Dreamgirls’

Nov 01

At last we get a Dreamgirls preview with some meat on its bones. We get to hear Eddie Murphy sing, and, most important of all, we get a teaser of Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling...

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